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Check out video on our Youtube channel.

moltenmage1234, Jan 30, 12 3:01 PM.  is the link to our guild youtube channel. We have a couple of our fights uploaded on there and will soon be adding the recently downed heroics!

2/8 Heroic

moltenmage1234, Jan 26, 12 9:17 PM.
Good jobs guy on getting 2/8 Heroic, we earned it.

Guild Youtube Channel

moltenmage1234, Dec 6, 11 11:21 AM.
This is a link to the Guild Channel

Everyone please subscribe to our youtube channel. We can now use this to our advantage with recruitment, and finding out who consistantly screws up!

Ultraxion Down!

laconic1234, Dec 5, 11 5:09 PM.
We went 5/8 in the first week that Dragon Soul was released. When all hope seemed to be lost we pulled out this incredible Ultraxion kill. It may have been a Pyrrhic victory but its the hard things we struggle with in life which end up holding the most meaning.

We are now 48th on server and in the top 2500 in the world!!

moltenmage1234, Nov 30, 11 10:55 AM.
Our 2/8 got us the in the top 2500 guilds in the world. Lets get some more kills and bring our rankings up!!
Welcome to Dæmonic, we're a newly formed guild that has recently began Heroic Firelands progression. In our first week of heroic progression we took down 3/7. We at Daemonic strive for the best for our guild, we plan on working as a group to push through all content that the game can offer. If you have any questions please contact our guild leader Moltenmage, or any of his officers.
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Illidan (PvP)
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